SAP HANA Enterprise 1.0 is a unit of memory calculation that combines software with SAP database server preview, storage and networking equipment from one of the many partners of SAP material. It is designed to support the analytical and transactional processing in real time.

Technical components in HANA.

The heart of SAP HANA Enterprise 1.0 is the SAP In-Memory Database 1.0, a data store that combines massively parallel processing based online based on columns and storage techniques based objects. Other components of SAP HANA Enterprise 1.0 include:

SAP In-Memory Computing Studio
SAP Host Agent 7.2
Sybase Replication Server 15
SAP HANA Charge Controller 1.00, and
SAP Landscape Transformation 1 - CHS ABA.

Why Hana?

SAP HANA is the introduction of SAP AG, in-memory database technology. There are five components in the Software Group
SAP HANA DB (or HANA DB) refers to the technology of the database,
SAP HANA studio refers to a set of tools provided by SAP for modeling,
SAP HANA Appliance relates to HANA DB supplied as a partner of certified equipment as a unit. It also includes tools for modeling of HANA studio, as well as replication tools and data conversion to move the data into the database HANA,
SAP HANA Application Cloud refers to a cloud infrastructure for application delivery (usually existing SAP applications rewritten to run on HANA).

HANA DB takes advantage of the low cost of memory (RAM), the data processing capabilities of multi-core processors and fast access to the data of SSDs over traditional hard disk drives to deliver the best performance of analytical and transactional applications. It features a multi-engine query environment that allows it to support both relational data (both row and column-oriented physical representation of a hybrid engine), as well as graphics and text processing for semi-and unstructured data management within a single system. HANA DB is 100% compatible ACID. With SAP HANNA you get the power to evolve in memory applications that analyze large amounts of data in real-time.