SAP HANA Modeling at a glance:

SAP HANA Related information Possibilities which identified as SAP HANA Strategies and information Possibilities is the heart of HANA content management.
You can create modeling views on top of databases tables and also implement organization reasoning to develop a important statement.
These types of modeling ideas can be taken via Java or HTML primarily based software or SAP HANA native software.
You can also use SAP methods similar to SAP Lumira or Analysis
Office to help directly connect to HANA and statement modeling ideas. It is also possible to use 3rd party tools like MS-Excel to connect to HANA and create your report.

SAP HANA views or modeling information are important to successfully use the power of SAP HANA. These points of view

• Attribute views
• analytic views
• Calculation of opinions
During execution, these points of view are the implicit use of the SAP HANA memory machines optimized calculation, and, therefore, allow better performance.
HANA modeling or data is only for the table column that is, the information Modeler only works with memory tables column.
Attribute veiws:
• view attributes are the dimensions, characteristics or BW data.
• attributes or views are used to attach a dimension or attribute views .
• In most cases used to model data, such as entities (such as product, employees, business partners )
• Very reused and shared in Vista - analytical and computational
Example: A view attribute "VOL" can be shown Airline Code , the number of connections to the airline and flight date on a single object . This view attribute can be used in views and analytical calculation in which relevant entities .
Assign generally views represent the data. But , as far as technically , there are no restrictions and you can make visits attributes on transaction data.
Analytical view :
• views and analysis schemes are stars or fact tables surrounded by dimensions , calculations or restricted measures.
or • In the language of SAP BW analytical view can be more or less in relation to information or cubes Sets Information .
• analytically or are generally defined on at least one table that contains the transactional data and the number of attributes or views tables.
• analysis view or enjoy the computing power of SAP HANA to calculate aggregated data  and  g , The number of bicycles sold by country, or the maximum power consumed per month .
• It is specifically designed to query a star schema
Calculation of opinions:
• visits or composite views used in the calculation are top views and attributes analysis .
• You can perform complex calculations are not possible with other points of view.
• Can be defined as either graphical views or considers the script depending on how they are created. Graphical views can be modeled using the graphical modeling capabilities of SAP HANA Modeler. Visits scripts are created as a sequence of SQL statements.
• visits or computer can be defined as the combination of tables , attributes, views and panoramas of analysis to provide a requirement of the complex. They offer combine different viewpoints into a source of analytical data of the notification.
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SAP HANA Modeling treatment Vista :
SAP HANA has mainly three types of engines that are used in accordance with the surveys required by the model.
Join Engine: Used for Attribute Views
OLAP Engine: Used for Analytic Views (without calculated columns) 
Calculation Engine: Used for Analytic views with calculated attributes, Calculation views 

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