Everyone has to start somewhere. And yes, I was a beginner SAP HANA at some point too ( which dates back to the dawn of the BW Accelerator). The good news is that we have a wealth of information and a lot of opportunities for SAP HANA training there, and most of it is available for free !

You are new and want to learn more about SAP HANA? Congratulations and welcome to the community of SAP HANA! In the world of SAP HANA, you want to learn quickly , of course. Thus, in the spirit of " Accelerated Learning " ( four stages of training) , I suggest some steps for you to start . Just understand that you can spend a few hours or days for each link below and get lost in cyberspace. Add a blog, so you always have a place to come back to continue the journey SAP HANA.

Step 1: Study

As a first step , check the SAP sites and see what others have done or plan to do with SAP HANA. It can be very interesting, especially if some of the AHA moments like "Wow , I do not think it's possible," or " Great , I'll try it yourself" or even better " Fascinating, I will use for my run SAP HANA and become the rich. "
SAP HANA Solutions Overview
SAP HANA main database
What and why to use SAP HANA?
If you are using SAP HANA library

Step 2: Education

At this point, you have to understand what you can or want to do with SAP HANA, and you want to learn more about in-memory technology and solutions SAP HANA. There are many different learning styles . Choose the one that best suites.
SAP HANA Basics ( Book)
SAP HANA: Introduction ( printed book )
SAP HANA training program ( classroom and e-learning)
Manage your data in memory : technology and applications ( printed book )
In-Memory Data Management by Hasso Plattner Institute ( online course )

Step 3: Exercise

If you have not already done so, now is the perfect time to register for the two plots SAP, which are important to your success. This will give you access to a wealth of SAP HANA skills and ability to work with "HANAnauts" like-minded people . And it's free !
SAP Community Network ( Register)
Experience SAP HANA website ( Register)

Until now, this was only a theory , and it's time to "get their hands dirty . " Again, there are various possibilities dostupnyepod instructor teaching the class try it yourself SAP HANA in cloud computing environments .
SAP HANA education program (classroom and e-learning)
SAP HANA, related to the SAP TechEd 2012 (lectures and practical ) sessions
Developer Center for SAP HANA ( access trial , and more)
HANA workshop SAPinsider

At this point, is still fairly new to you and long URL is better than a short memory . Do not forget to add to your favorites documentation online or download in PDF format on your computer ( but do not forget to check regularly - at least every support SAP HANA stack of packages that are currently available every six months). You also want to Save links to SAP, and is the site where you can collaborate with those who paved the way before the online community .
Software Appliance SAP HANA (Online)
Community SAP SAP HANA ( forum )
SAP HANA catalog Online Learning ( webinars focused themes)
SAP HANA resource (forum)

You may have questions or are stuck for your project. This is not a problem. With a few clicks of the mouse.
SAP HANA Developer Center ( ask a question)
SAP HANA Ask the Expert ( ask a question )

Stage 4 : Implementation

Your company has decided to lay off and implement SAP HANA. Once again, congratulations ! You ofitsialnoklienta SAP ( if you have not already done so ) and, with it , you will have access to more resources.
SAP HANA installation and implementation Knowledge Center (Online)
SAP knowledge products online SAP HANA ( training cards)

SAP HANA and if your software does not work as expected, and you suspect that there was an error , do not be afraid to open a customer message to SAP support can analyze the question:
SAP support message to SAP HANA

Phase 5 : Monitoring

Wait, were not there four phases of acceleration ? Yes, but etobystro changing world and SAP HANA accelerates along very well . It is important to stay in touch and do one or more of our social media :
Subscribe to SAP HANA Blogs
Follow SAP HANA on Twitter
Join the LinkedIn group for SAP HANA
How SAP HANA on Facebook
SAP HANA Watch on YouTube
See SAP HANA presentation on Slideshare

Well, you have done up to the end. Frustrated ? Just start from the top and take a step -by-step , and soon you too will become an expert SAP HANA. As always, we value your comments . Tell us what is missing and how we can take SAP HANAbolshoy experience for you .

Third-party software ETL certification SAP HANA

SAP HANA ( in-memory ) database supports a variety of interfaces : ODBC ( for C / C + +- programs ), JDBC (Java applications ) ODBO ( for analytical applications) , as well as Python and SQLDBC DBAPI. Database Interface SAP HANA ensure that the layer between the base and demand. Interfaces supported components provide access Application Programming Interface Database (API) for their language and appropriate environment. For some components of the API opredelenostandartami organization or application.
The purpose of the certification program is the integration of SAP HANA with third-party tools ETL. Once the minimum requirements ETL tool partner , SAP certified integration . The following interfaces are currently available for partners to certify their ETL tools against SAP HANA.

Environment Description of the API version
Java JDBC Java Community Process (JCP) 3.0, 4.0
ODBC C / C + + standard SQL (SQL / CLI), Microsoft 3.0, 3.51

Prerequisites for certification

Prerequisites for the next system landscape must be sdelanypartneram in their lab certification for SAP HANA :
SAP HANA (SP04 or SP05, latest edition) device
SAP HANA SAP HANA Studio installed drivers - the latest version
SAP data sources Connectivity (Ex: ECC, ERP, BW SCM , CRM , etc.)
Sap does not connect to data sources ( third-party applications / databases )
Partner ETL tools (latest stable version ) landscape configure and connect to SAP HANA via ODBC / JDBC dedicated user .
Connect to an instance of SAP HANA Cloud Amazon Web Services -> For scenarios using cloud ETL

Technical requirements

This section contains a list of the main functions of the respective HANA ETL and data requirements associated with greater integration ETL tool and the basis of the database SAP HANA. ETL tool is a certified partner of SAP HANA with ' must allow the use of these features to the end user for all business scenarios for data replication. If ETL tool is not limited to support these functions , they must be clearly informed of the certification process .
Communications , security,
Read, write and update data in SAP HANA dB
Inserting the data block , Delta loading mechanism
Administration, monitoring, and debugging errors Handlind
MECHNISM to import data into SAP HANA repository for all metadata objects , etc.

The steps to participate in the certification program is to be applied by SAP ICC, and then work with the management team of SAP HANA products to test the technical requirements above and use the script, and then run the test scripts required to certify SAP HANA.

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