SAP HANA is SAP itself is a database application mainly its database in memory the new technology introduced by SAP. There were five components Includes SAP HANA
1.SAP HANA DB or we can call it as Hana HANA data base refers to the technology database
2.SAP HANA studio refers to the collection of tools organized by SAP Corporation for data modeling
3.SAP HANA HANA Appliance refers to the database as verified in the Certified Partner as a hardware appliance. He also considered tools for modeling data HANA studio and processing tools and data replication to move data in the database HANA data.
One 4.SAP HANA to accredit training SAP HANA certified for production use on the cloud is (AWS) Amazon Web Services.

5.SAP HANA Application Cloud refers to the cloud infrastructure to transport data HANA database applications opportunism capture the low cost of the (RAM) main memory data processing competence of multi-processors and heart access to data very fast SSDs compared to acceptable to offer a better implementation of analytical and transactional applications drives. We will give you complete control in depth SAP HANA online training.