SAP HANA is the synthesis of three distinct products - TREX, P * Time and MaxDB.
TREX (Text Retrieval and extraction) is a search engine. It began in 1996 as a student project at SAP in collaboration with DFKI. TREX has become a standard feature in SAP NetWeaver 2000. Memory attributes were added in 2002 and store data column was added in 2003 as a means to improve performance.

In 2005, SAP acquired Menlo Park Transact founded in memory, Inc. With the acquisition came P * Time, light processing (OLTP) RDBMS technology memory transactions with a database based on lines .
MaxDB (formerly SAP DB), a relational database from Nixdorf via Software AG (Adabas D) SAP TREX was added to P * and time to provide persistence and functionality of more traditional data such as backup.
In 2008, SAP CTO Vishal Sikka wrote on HANA "... our teams work together with the Hasso Plattner Institute and Stanford University have shown how a new application architecture is possible, which allows for complex analyzes real-time aggregation, updated with each transaction, a way never thought possible in financial applications. " In 2009, a development initiative was launched SAP to integrate the three technologies above to provide a more complete set of features. The resulting product was named as internal and external NewDB until the change HANA DB was finalized in 2011.

SAP HANA is not the first product in memory of SAP. Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA formerly BIA) has been designed to speed up queries by storing in memory BW InfoCubes. It was followed in 2009 by the then accelerated Explorer where the combined SAP BI Explorer tool with BWA as a tool to perform ad-hoc analyzes. Other SAP products using in-memory technology were CRM Segmentation, By Design (for analysis) and Enterprise Search (for the role of research based on structured and unstructured data). All of these were based on the TREX engine.
Taking a different approach, Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) LiveCache used for its analysis.

Versions, service packs

Co-founder (and chairman of the supervisory board of SAP from 2012) SAP Hasso Plattner recommended system "versionless" for emissions. Support plans to date are:

SP0 - published November 20, 2010, HANA first public release
SP1 - published June 20, 2011, HANA general availability (GA), the focus is also operating a data mart
SP2 - published June 27, 2011, more functions mart data
Aka HANA 1.5 SP3 - 7 November 2011 Authorization) emphasis on HANA as a basis for the underlying data in the Business Warehouse (BW), also called Project Orange
SP4 - May 2012; solve a variety of problems of stability and to add new functionality for BW, according to SAP
SP5 - November 2012, introduced Extended Application Services driver (REST)
SP6 - June 28, 2013, current version