The SAP HANA Studio at a glance:

·         HANA Studio is an integrated development environment based on Eclipse (IDE), which is used to develop artifacts in a server HANA.
·         Allows users to technical management of the SAP HANA database, recreate the creation and management of user permissions, or go to existing models of data, etc.
·         There is a client tool that is used to HANA local or remote system can access.

Supported Platforms:

The SAP HANA Studio works on the Eclipse platform 3.6. We can use the SAP HANA studio on the following platforms:
·         The x32 and x64 versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
·         SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES 11 x86 64-bit version

Note: For Mac OS is available HANA Studio, but there is no client HANA for it.

System Requirements:

Java JRE 1.6 or 1.7 must be installed on the SAP HANA Studio to run. The Java runtime must be specified in the PATH variable. Make Select study on the correct version of Java for the installation of SAP HANA:
·         For 32-bit installation, choose a 32-bit version of Java.
·         For the 64-bit installation, choose a 64-bit version of Java.

Installing SAP HANA Studio:

From SAP Service Market Place:

1. Go to SAP Service Market Place
2. Select Support Packages and Patches> Alphabetical index: H> SAP HANA Enterprise Edition> SAP HANA Enterprise EDIT .1.0> There is software component versions SAP HANA Studio> 1:00> <path> operation System>
3. Run the executable to download the file SAPCAR SAR. Unzip the file SARs.
Use the SAPCAR <your-SAR-file> xvf command to extract the file.
4. Run the executable file to install and update HDBSETUP HANA Studio.
5. When prompted, use the Install new SAP HANA Studio to proceed with the installation.

From SDN: 

SAP provides a developer HANA Studio and download the client software on SDN, at the following link:
1. HANA Developer Edition-SAP HANA Studio- The SAP HANA Administration and Modeling Tool
2. HANA Developer Edition-SAP HANA Client- SDKs for JDBC, ODBC, ODBO and Python DB API, so that you can build client applications

SAP HANA Studio and Client, developer edition is also available at SAP SCN here

HANA Client:

HANA client is the software that allows you to connect one more person, including non-native applications allows the server to HANA. This may be the "other" person, for example, a NW Application Server, an IIS server etc.
The  installation of the client also HANA JDBC ODBC driver. This allows applications in Net, Java, etc. written to connect to a server HANA, and use the server as a remote database. So, consider the customer as the primary connection to the server activator of HANA.

HANA client is installed separately from the HANA Studio.

Installation Paths:

If you do not specify an installation location during installation, the following default values:
• Microsoft Windows 32-bit -> C: Program Filessaphdbstudio
• Microsoft Windows 64-bit -> C: Program Filessaphdbstudio
• Microsoft Windows 32-bit (x86) -> C: Program Files (x86) saphdbstudio
• Linux x86, 64-bit -> / usr / sap / hdbstudio

How to Open SAP HANA studio?

In Microsoft Windows:

          1. Go to start menu
          2. Start> All programs> SAP HANA> SAP HANA Studio

The SAP HANA Studio starts.

In Linux:

1 Open a shell and change to the installation directory, such as / usr / sap / hdbstudio
2 Run the following command ". / Hdbstudio."

The SAP HANA Studio starts.

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