Introduction to SAP HANA :

Want to learn and make your career in SAP HANA want, but where to start!
Do you have questions such as:

Ø  The career growth in SAP HANA

If you want to make your career , then the best thing is SAP HANA . SAP HANA database platform and positioned on the run all the applications in the future. This hike starts ever . HANA is also extremely Sale unable to locate clients to invest in IT because, now and in the future. HANA is a very rewarding career and would go a long way to go. " SAP HANA is to be the fastest software product growing in the world". 

Let's take a look at SAP HANA from the perspective of a beginner and a couple of answers.

Ø  What is the requirement of SAP HANA learn?

SAP HANA at its base is like a relational database . You should know Database Concepts and must have a basic knowledge of SQL, SAP HANA before that.

Ø  ABAP is required to learn SAP HANA ?

ABAP knowledge can be used to understand the business logic of the application. It is advantageous , but not mandatory. However, if you are already a ABAP programmer with experience and thought.
"If you come to the end time ABAPer ?" So do not worry.
There is a new ABAP - who is smarter, lighter and faster" - and sitting on the floor, ABAP SAP HANA running silently without interruption This one" ABAP SAP HANA".

Ø  I do not know, SAP BW, SAP BO, SAP BI. I can learn and make a career in SAP HANA ?

Certainly, one after another.

SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW ) :

BW knowledge helps us to understand the concepts of modeling and DXC when you want to transfer data from a SAP Business Suite on HANA. But even if you do not have the knowledge of BW, you can easily learn HANA modeling concepts. BW knowledge is a must if you work on HANA on BW.

SAP Business Objects ( BO) :

BO or Business Objects is attached to the reporting tool front-end for SAP.
If you are aware of BO, then report on HANA would be a piece of cake for you. But even if you have no knowledge of BO, if you learn HANA closer to the beginning of the report, you will easily be able to learn the concepts BO. You can gain an understanding of various reporting tools in BO ( Explorer, Webi, etc. . ) There are many instructions step - by - step that will help you learn these tools.


BI and SAP BI is the implementation of all SAP data warehousing tool. The application of data warehousing concepts in SAP BI helps to understand the various aspects of the implementation of BW on HANA perspective. Also, if you plan to work BW on HANA, not necessarily to learn SAP BI.

Ø  People from different backgrounds (Java, PHP, . NET, JavaScript, HTML, etc. ), and no prior knowledge of SAP power can succeed in SAP HANA ?

Even in this case, as already described, the knowledge of SAP is an advantage, but not necessarily.
If you Different basic technologies such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, and while you 're still in the process of SAP HANA and update your CV

Java, PHP, Python, . NET works well with SAP HANA

Ø  Where to start learning SAP HANA ?

You can use article Introduction to SAP HANA database data - start for beginners.
To learn material portion of this tutorial SAP HANA . The content is displayed in a nice and easy way. Once you acquire the knowledge of SAP HANA, you should also check your understanding of SAP HANA interview questions and answers

Note: We will return with more topics on SAP HANA. If you want to be included please a specific topic with a comment.

Ø  What are the certified SAP HANA and how it works in improving my career help ?

SAP offers two main certification paths.
One way is for the management and operation and is also a technician.
The second way is the implementation and modeling.
In wanting to know more about them, read the SAP HANA certification article

Ø  If I want to make a career in SAP HANA what is the roadmap?

If you want a career in HANA , there are several areas that specialize in such as

SAP HANA modeling :

In this role you need is SAP HANA modeling capabilities. SAP BW on HANA skills will also be useful for you. SAP HANA Modeler learning program also has a personal and professional certification which boost your career.
• SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA 1.0 ( C_HANAIMP_1 ) - More information here.
• SAP Certified Application Professional - SAP HANA 1.0 ( P_HANAIMP_1 ) - More information here.

SAP HANA Application Development :

In this function, you need the development of SAP HANA skills. Based on the types of applications HANA HANA XS or ABAP knowledge will also help.

Management based on SAP HANA and safety data :

In this role he will be responsible for backup / restore, performance, safety and general management based on SAP HANA data.

SAP HANA data replication - replication SLT and the DXC Board of Directors :

In this role he will be responsible for replication, support for data replication from different Quellsystemenzu HANA .

This topic has not yet been completed. We come up with a more specific and time - based online roadmap.
Currently, it is a little difficult, SAP HANA roadmap outlining market trends change careers, and there will be some new areas that will be clarified in the future.

If we do not answer your question, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment. We will do our best to guide you journey into SAP HANA.

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